Update: Mojo’s Drum Stick Quest

Rich Sticks 1st Run

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Some of you are familiar with my whole drum stick quest.  An ordeal covering many many years. You can scroll down and get the whole story in two posts below if interested.

As I last reported in August of 2013 Nicks drum stick company was having problems and would no longer be making sticks.  I recently became aware of a new drum stick maker called Rich Sticks.  So, I emailed Nick to see where he was at regarding him making drum sticks again.  I waited for weeks with no reply so I pulled the trigger and contacted Rich Sticks.  They agreed to make the stick and I recently received them.  For the first time in over 30 years I finally have a drum stick that feels right to me.  I felt like I was flying around my drum set when I first played them

A big hearty thanks to Nick Fetzer (Drum Stick Nick) for working with me until I got the stick right.  Trust me, that was a lot of work and I would never have got to this point without him.

I hope to be in touch with Nick again.  A big thanks to Rich Sticks for doing such a wonderful job for me.

After 30 + years the saga has finally ended.  The photo shows the 2 sticks I sent to Rich Sticks, and the bottom four are the sticks made by Rich Sticks.

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