Studio Mix Day

It’s July 24 here in San Francisco and I had bit of a break yesterday in my drum lesson schedule.  So it was the perfect day to go into the studio and mix a new song that I played on.  This is a song that I recorded for some folks in Germany.  It’s in the AC/DC vein and it’s quite a good song that has been a lot of fun working on.  I’m quite fond of mix sessions and the guy’s where happy to let me have at it since I had all the audio files in my possession.

I really admire and respect the skill and know how that audio people have.  What these people do is truly an art form .  I find it quite amazing what they do and how they can shape a song into something amazing by the way that they dial in all the instruments.  It was pretty cool when the guitar sound came to life and was jumping out of the speakers.  I’m a big fan of great guitar playing and I’m loving the guitar sound on this song.  The guitar player on the song had a great sound to start with and the mix engineer really brought it out beautifully.

There is a lot of drum replacement going on these days where engineers will replace the actual drums with samples.  We did this song using the drums that I played on the song.  We didn’t really need to do much to the drum sound because they were recorded properly and sounded great when I put the drum track down and so the drum mix really went well.  We worked mostly on getting the bass drum sound where I wanted it.


The cool thing was having a mix engineer who has the same ideas about how drums should sound on recordings and as a result I came away from the day a happy boy.

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