Tommy Wells

The drum world lost a great drummer on September 25. Tommy Wells was a Nashville session drummer. I was just getting to know Tommy in the past three weeks. We had been talking about drum heads and he pointed out to me there was a drum head very much like what I have been using but only better. So, I tried out the heads and am now in the process of outfitting my recording drum set over to these new heads. Tommy was right these new heads are fantastic.

I’ve been quite happy for years with my drum heads and was not looking to make any changes until Tommy pointed a few things out to me. Basically he said the new heads were very much the same as what I was using only better.

There is a lot of beauty depth and soul in Tommy’s drumming.  He’s the kind of drummer that other musicians “love” to play with.   Tommy Wells is the drummer for the Detroit Memphis Experience.  One of my favorite tracks of Tommy’s is Lets Straighten it Out:

I found Tommy to be a very warm and down to earth kind of guy. I was surprised at how hard I took the news of his passing given that I really didn’t know him well.

He was just that kind of guy. Everybody loved him. He will be missed. And my heartfelt thanks to Tommy for my new drum sound.

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