Update: Drum Stick Quest

I recently got an email from a gentleman in Germany who had found the story of my drum stick quest here on this website.  You can find the story by scrolling down this page.  In the story of the drum stick quest I mention the Dino Danelli stick that I fell in love with years ago and then spent a number of years looking for a stick that was similar.

In his email he gave me the dimensions of the Danelli stick along with a photo.  The very next day I get another email that contained a link to a drum shop in Portland Oregon that carries  new old stock of the Danelli stick.  Pretty unbelievable, so I ordered the stick and it recently arrived.  Now here comes the kicker.  After all the years of looking to finally actually be holding a pair of these impossible to find sticks I discovered that I no longer like them.  However, I do like the idea of the stick which is what I based my stick design on along with the Gretsch 2B.

The end result is that I ended up with a stick that I am very happy with and the story has now come full circle.  Many thanks to my new friend in Germany for taking the time to contact me and give all the great information about the Danelli stick.


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