Update: Mojo’s Quest For The Perfect Drum Stick

Well, It’s been a while since I had any news on “The Quest”.  You may have noticed the new and improved website.   I have been keeping busy here in San Francisco teaching drum lessons and recording drum tracks for various projects.   I have been fortunate to record some really cool songs that I will be posting soon.

I recently spoke with Nick the drum stick maker.  He is still having some legal issues with his former partner and he hopes to have things rolling again with a new company in 2015.      His former partner somehow got control of Nicks stick making company and is now putting out drum sticks.   I understand that the sticks they are putting out are not very good. So, no option for me there for two reasons:

1)  I’m loyal to Nick and I will stay with him through all of this.  I like Nick, he worked with me when none of the big stick companies would.  Nick is a good guy and one heck of a drum stick maker.

2)   I was an endorser for Nicks drum stick company and when the partner got control of the company he removed me from the company’s artist roster without giving me any type of notice.  I find that to be very unprofessional and therefore not the type of folks I would like to be associated with.

I recently reworked this website and the drum stick that I’m talking about in the “Quest” is now the header for this website and my facebook page.   So there it is for all to see.   It’s a great stick and eventually Nick will be able to make it again for me.  It’s looking like this drum stick design has turned into my logo.  I’m planning on using it on my new business card as well.

Imagine that, I have a drum stick for a logo because I’ve never been able to find a drum stick that worked for me.  Who knew!!!

When there is any drum stick news I will post it here.    Interestingly, I received the very last order of sticks from Nicks former company.  The last time I got sticks from Nick was in November 2011.  I will be getting the very first order of sticks from Nicks new company when he gets it up and running in 2015.  In the meantime I’ll move on to other topics and some cool stuff for drummers.

And the saga continues…

Thanks for visiting.