Vintage Drum Set

I have been putting together a set of Gretsch vintage drums. from the early 1970′s.  These drums are referred to as Gretsch Stop Sign #1.  This refers to the shape of the logo badge that is on every drum.  In the 60′s the badge was round so those drums are referred to as Round Badge.

Gretsch drums from this time period had their own sound and is much sought after in the vintage drum market.  So far I have 8×12, 9×13, 14×14 and 16×16 toms.  All I need now is a 14×22 bass drum.  The problem is that I can’t find one that works for my needs. So the hunt continues.  I’ll post photos when it is all done but there is no telling how long this is going to take.

Work continues on The Ratchilds album.  I’ve been working on a new band that we hope to have out playing shows very soon.  More on that as it develops.

As usual i have been doing a lot of teaching and doing drum tracks for folks.


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